It’s Never too Late for New Adventures!

Grand Canyon, South Rim
I did it!


New adventures keep life interesting and keep our minds sharp.  It’s never too late to improve your life and today is as young as you will ever be.

Sounds like a good day to start something new and add some zest to life, doesn’t it!

Over the years I was guilty of making grand plans, and spending lots of time on these plans.  The start date was conveniently always “tomorrow” or a future date.  Surprisingly, those dates continuously got put off for weeks, at times for months, and during one stretch, for a couple of years.

In the meantime, life got harder and harder for me because things were so out of balance.  It felt like an overloaded washing machine.  In the beginning, the machine tries its best and for a while it works fine.  Soon it gets out of balance and then if not corrected, the machine will get severely out of balance, start shaking and make terrible noises to let you know, “hey!  THIS IS NOT working!”  That was me not too long ago.  My body was giving me all kinds of hints telling me that same thing, “this is not working!”  I ignored the hints for the longest time, because somehow I thought if I powered through, at some point things would get better.  I was wrong.  I needed to make some changes.  Some hard changes.  Have you ever felt like this?

For 2017 I decided to call it The Year That Everything Changed.  I dedicated myself to 45 new adventures or new ways of doing things at the age of 45.  I gave myself a free “do over” pass and granted myself permission to change whatever needed changing. It was surprisingly very freeing to rid myself of the unspoken imaginary obligation I felt to trudge forward in the same patterns day after day.  Those patterns were the only thing I knew so I simply kept them going.  It was scary, and uncomfortable to think about changing them.  After all, I had been doing basically the same thing for at least one decade, maybe more.  But fear and all, I decided to dive right in and give it a try!

It’s been 3 months now, and I’m quite enjoying this experiment!  Better nutrition was key for me in the beginning to increase energy.  The next step was a little harder for me which was realizing that my fear wouldn’t kill me.   I’ve had many experiences that I normally would just “consider”.  I realize that some of these things may sound quite ordinary to some,  but for me, they are all HUGE and really shaking things up in the best way!  Yoga, drum class, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and belly dancing are the highlights so far.  (note: the drum class and belly dancing required a short performance in front of peers.  Yikes!)

Surprisingly, every single one of these things has made me smile and has improved my life by breaking the patterns that were not working for me.  It’s cultivating a sense of curiosity in life, and bringing awareness to how pushing yourself to try new things can really recharge life.


What patterns are not working for you?


Do you feel like shaking things up a bit?


What is one thing that you can try that is a little out of your comfort zone?




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