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Now is the perfect time to take action and change your life.  Learn about simple nutrition and lifestyle changes to increase energy, decrease disease/stress, and simply look and feel better.  

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What We Do

While a healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health, it is not the only ingredient.  Longevity, less disease, and fulfillment in life begin with nutritious food for a solid base, but also requires that you look at all areas in your life to see where things might be out of balance.  It is the combination of fueling your body properly, and  rebalancing all the other areas that begin to create a life well-lived.  Lifestyle changes are simple, but not always easy.  We can help with that!
Back to Basics: A Food Journey helps you explore current eating patterns, and make subtle shifts to build the life you desire.  We believe that everyone deserves vibrant health and a fulfilling life.  It is difficult to live life fully when you are struggling daily with fatigue, battling extra weight and brain fog.
Let us help you discover healthier patterns so that you can live life to the fullest.



Through nutrition (with real foods), lifestyle changes, and small adventures (for those who would like to increase activity),
we will help you cut through the chatter of this busy world we live in to uncover the kind of life that you crave deep down inside.
(but forgot was still an option!)
Most of you know the basics of what to eat, right? Or maybe you don’t and that is okay.
  More vegetables, fruits, water, etc.  Then what gives?  Why do you find yourself year after year working on diet after diet to solve fatigue, and weight related issues?
You are not alone and many people, including myself when I started (for years), overlook some important key components.  Our relationship with food, and how it works within our bodies is a complex and bio individual process.  Most people overlook addressing their own patterns, triggers, how they use food, and generally ignore clues that their bodies give them.
Are you ready to find a better way that will serve you well year after year?
Could this be the year that goes down in your history as The Year that Everything Changed, for the better?

What will you do once you feel better and have more energy?

I can’t wait to hear what you want more of in your life.

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